Engineering Activity

SFI a.s. building company division carries out industrial, engineering, housing and civil constructions. It provides technical supervision in prominent industrial zones as well as other building activities. The company puts stress on well executed and quality work in case of all its activities. The top management of the company decided to direct the organization to increasing efficiency and to boost its ability to compete. The company implemented quality management system and it was certified in compliance with ČSN EN ISO 9001 standard in order to achieve the permanent improvement of its products and processes so that it is beneficial for the firm, the customers, the employees and suppliers. Our Quality Policy is based on these fundamentals principles:

Quality and Prosperity:
Only quality and fair work create conditions for long-term prosperity and the prosperous company is able to secure conditions for adequate standard of life of its employees. Quality must be in the interest of all employees in the company. Customer orientated approach: The company depends on customers and that is why orientation on customer is a primary concern of the company. In the following period of time the company will:

  • Try to identify and understand the existing and future needs of the customers
  • Fulfil the customers requests
  • Evaluate customer satisfaction

The company management will motivate the employees to improve their work, the quality, and to increase efficiency. The company will assign quality objectives that it will try to reach in the given time period.
The company takes concern in establishing mutually beneficial relationship with the suppliers.
The company must transfer the requests of its customers to the suppliers and it must select only those suppliers who are capable of meeting its requests.