SFI a.s. metal machining division sets the aims for continuous improvement of quality management system performance by the medium of the Quality Policy

Our target is to be a well known and sought after supplier in the area of:

    • Robot operated workplaces for automobile plants
    • Automation of technological plants
    • Container production
    • Forged pieces production
    • Biomass stations and similar equipment

in these areas we would like to achieve maximum increase in their added values by offering the customers

complex services:

    • from a project
    • through production
    • installation
    • to starting-up

In surface treatment:

    • mainly zinc dipping
    • thermal spray application

we would like to be a reliable and flexible provider of such services within the region of the whole country.

In installation:

we would like to be a universal and perspective supplier in the whole production range of SFI a.s. metal machining division.

Leadwell CNC lathe centres T-8SM enable the machining of flange components with max. diameter of 320 mm and length of 500 mm. At the same time they provide for the production using bar material with max diameter of app. 60 mm in automatic cycle.
Leadwell T-8SM

Pinnacle VMC 1700S CNC vertical machining centre for the production of work pieces up to 2500 kg with traversing axis X, Y, Z, 1700 x 850 x 850 mm,
Pinnacle VMC 1700S